Incognito lingual braces

Hidden behind your teeth, these braces are virtually invisible and get great results.


Incredibly discreet

Gone are the days when having braces meant needing to endure metal ‘train tracks’ on your teeth. Advances in orthodontic appliances and technology over recent years have meant patients are now spoilt for choice when it comes to having orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces are just one of the discreet treatment options available to patients here at Neo Orthodontics.

Lingual braces

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces look and work much the same way as traditional metal braces. However, they are fitted on the inside surface of your teeth, next to your tongue, which means they can’t be seen. Custom-made, lingual braces are very effective and are less likely than traditional metal braces to cause decalcification and decay.

Once lingual braces have been fitted, it’s not uncommon for patients to experience some discomfort for the first 10 days. This is while your mouth gets used to wearing them. Once this period has passed, lingual braces are very easy to live with and won’t impact on your lifestyle. Our patients have all said the chance to have a completely invisible brace, together with great results, are well worth the few days of discomfort they had.

Lingual braces

Incognito lingual braces

At Neo Orthodontics, we use the Incognito brand of lingual braces. These are known and trusted by orthodontists the world over. One of the many reasons why we use Incognito lingual braces is because the brackets are made from gold alloy, which means they’re suitable for all patients including those with nickel allergies.

Lingual braces

5 benefits of lingual braces

  • The brackets and archwires used in lingual braces are custom-made to your teeth.
  • The gold alloy brackets are small which means they’re comfortable to wear, once you get used to them.
  • Because the braces are fitted to the tongue side of your teeth, they’re virtually invisible.
  • Lingual braces work quickly so you can see an improvement in your smile very early on during treatment.
  • They don’t harm your teeth and with careful brushing techniques, which we’ll show you, it is easy to keep your teeth clean throughout treatment.

Book a free consultation with us at Neo Orthodontics today to find out more about lingual braces.

Lingual braces


Incognito Hidden Braces

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