Short-term braces

Fix orthodontic problems of your front six teeth in as little as six months.


Fast results

Short-term braces are used to quickly straighten and correct the most visible front teeth in a discreet and comfortable manner.

Short-term braces

What is short-term brace treatment?

Short-term brace treatment can get results in six months or less, which explains why it is a growing area within dentistry. This treatment is also referred to as "limited objective" treatment because it only focuses on correcting some of the teeth, not all.

Short-term treatment is appealing for many patients because it can improve the crowding and appearance of the front six upper and/or lower teeth, also called the "social six". These teeth are the most visible teeth when smiling.

Short-term braces

How does short-term brace treatment work?

Short-term treatment may be done in collaboration with your own dentist, who may suggest a combined treatment plan involving limited orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth alongside some form of cosmetic enhancement with veneers or tooth-coloured composite bonding.

Appliances used in short-term treatment may include a sectional tooth coloured brace, a removable brace or Invisalign aligners. Dr Preet Bhogal currently mentors and guides many general dental practitioners on the appropriate use of these systems.

Short-term braces

A popular treatment for adults

Short-term treatment is suitable for most patients, although it is mainly reserved for adults. It is most commonly used to fix mild to moderate anterior crowding problems, such as levelling and aligning teeth, correcting rotations and closing small gaps. Appointment intervals for short-term treatment are usually every four to six weeks.

Short-term braces

Treatment from a specialist

Short-term treatment is equivalent to certain stages of comprehensive orthodontics, so Dr Bhogal is available to expertly advise on the appropriateness of this form of treatment and is happy to treat in collaboration with your dentist. If you decide to opt for full treatment part of the way through short-term treatment, Dr Bhogal can easily accommodate this owing to his advanced orthodontic skills and know-how.

Short-term braces


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