Removable functional appliance

Our appliance of choice is the Twin Block.


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Removable functional appliances are used in a number of tooth moving, as well as tooth holding, procedures. Made from an acrylic plate, they have wires in each side which grip the teeth to keep the brace in place.

At Neo Orthodontics, we use the Twin Block removable functional appliance.

Removable functional appliance

What is the Twin Block appliance?

The Twin Block functional appliance is a removable brace that works on the upper and lower teeth at the same time. Made from acrylic using two plastic blocks on the top jaw and two on the bottom jaw, it is used in the growth phase to treat an underdeveloped lower jaw. It is usually a ‘phase 1’ type appliance and is followed by fixed braces (phase 2) or a retainer.

Removable functional appliance

How does the Twin Block work?

The Twin Block is used to correct a malocclusion (bad bite) by encouraging a patient’s lower jaw to move forward when closing their mouth. It also helps with lower jaw growth. The upper plate, and occasionally the lower plate, may include an expansion screw to widen the arch of the mouth.

When first fitted, the Twin Block might feel strange in your mouth, but you will soon get used to it. You may also notice your mouth is producing more saliva than usual, but this tends to go after a few days. You will be surprised how quickly you adapt and soon no one will notice any difference in your speech.

The Twin Block should be worn full-time for 9-12 months.

Removable functional appliance

5 top tips for wearing a Twin Block

Unless otherwise instructed, you should wear your Twin Block all the time, except when playing sports and cleaning it.

  • Keep your Twin Block in a hard plastic container for protection when not wearing it, and never put it in a tissue. You may forget it and throw it away.
  • Do not play with your Twin Block in your mouth as you could break it. If it does break, or you lose your appliance, replace it as soon as possible.
  • The more you wear your Twin Block, the quicker your treatment should be.
  • Clean your Twin Block thoroughly using the solution and instructions given to you by your orthodontist.
  • If you experience any irritation of the cheek, gum or tongue, your orthodontist can adjust your Twin Block to make it more comfortable.

Removable functional appliance


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