Straight teeth the smart way

Having orthodontic treatment doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time in the clinic. At Neo Orthodontics, we make it easy to fit treatment into your lifestyle. We can straighten your teeth with very few appointments, yet lots of communication. How do we do it? With dental monitoring software!


What is dental monitoring?

Dental monitoring is revolutionary orthodontic software that connects our clinic with your smartphone and enables us to track the progress of your treatment via an app. When you come in for your free consultation, we can show you exactly how dental monitoring will work so you can enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment without needing to change too much about your lifestyle.

Dental Monitoring

How does dental monitoring work?

As part of your treatment here at Neo Orthodontics, you’ll have a personalised treatment plan prepared for you. This outlines the type of appliance you will be fitted with, how long treatment will take, and how much it will cost.

If you have chosen Invisalign aligners as your treatment option, once your custom made aligners are fitted, all you have to do is send weekly selfies of your teeth via the dental monitoring app on your smartphone and we can track the progress of your treatment in our clinic, without you needing to come in. Yes, it really is that easy!

Dental Monitoring

Setting up dental monitoring

Dental monitoring can be set up in three easy steps:

Step one: Download the app to your smartphone (it’s compatible with both Apple and Android)

Step two: Take weekly selfies of your teeth and smile following the instructions on the app.

Step three: Upload the selfies to the app and send them through to us in the clinic.

We will review the images you send through to us against your personalised treatment plan. If your teeth are sitting in the position we have planned them to be at that stage of your treatment, there’s no need for you to come in for a check-up.

Dental Monitoring

Benefits of dental monitoring

One of the greatest benefits of dental monitoring is that it makes having orthodontic treatment easier to include in your lifestyle.

  • Fewer check-up appointments to schedule into your diary
  • Freedom to travel for work, go on holiday, visit the family – just take a selfie and send it to us while you’re away
  • Greater communication with our team – if you have a question about your treatment progress, just send it via the app

Dental Monitoring

Book your free consultation now

Dental monitoring really does make having orthodontic treatment easy. If you would like to start your journey to a beautiful new smile with Invisalign and dental monitoring, give our team a call today or, better yet, book your free consultation and we’ll see you soon.

Dental Monitoring


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