Clear braces

We use Clarity Advanced clear ceramic braces to straighten your teeth.


A clear choice

Many people have a love/hate relationship at the thought of orthodontics. On the one hand, they love the thought of achieving the smile they’ve always wanted; on the other, they hate the prospect of having to wear braces for any length of time.

This worrying prospect no longer exists thanks to advances in orthodontic technology which have brought about discreet treatment options, such as clear braces.

Clear braces

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are made from ceramic material and are a discreet alternative to metal braces. The translucent glass material which the brackets are made from blend in with the colour of your teeth, allowing the natural look of your teeth to shine through. This material doesn’t stain or discolour, so you can be assured of your braces remaining discreet from the start through to the end of treatment.

The archwires used with clear braces can also be coated with tooth coloured material to conceal their appearance.

Clear braces

Clarity ceramic brackets

At Neo Orthodontics, we use the Clarity™ ADVANCED brand of clear braces. Clarity™ ADVANCED ceramic brackets are a revolutionary leap forward in ceramic bracket technology and offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance to your teeth.

Clear braces

5 benefits of clear braces

  • Brackets are small but strong, reducing the risk of breakages.
  • Clear braces are more comfortable than traditional metal braces.
  • Brackets are translucent ensuring the ultimate in discreet treatment.
  • Ceramic material is more attractive and blends in with your natural tooth colour.
  • Ceramic resists staining and discoloration throughout treatment.

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Clear braces


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