Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Return your teeth to their natural colour with our teeth whitening services.

A fresh smile

Over time teeth can become discoloured as a result of our eating and drinking habits. Tea, coffee, and red wine can stain our teeth, as can some foods, such as curry, and habits, such as smoking.

Tooth whitening treatment can reverse the damage caused by these and can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth which have other surface marks.


Tray whitening

At Neo Orthodontics, we offer the tray whitening system. This teeth whitening treatment uses special custom-made trays, similar to mouthguards. The tooth whitening gel is placed inside the trays which are worn overnight for a recommended period of time to achieve the desired result.


Longer lasting results

We offer the tray whitening system for our patients because it has a number of benefits:

    • The results last longer than other whitening treatments
    • It is not harmful to the teeth
    • The whitening trays can be used again at a later date to top up the result

At Neo Orthodontics, we offer a course of tray whitening treatment for £299. This is available to anyone, whether you are a patient of Neo Orthodontics or not.

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