Twin block

Twin block FAQs

Get to grips with how the Twin Block appliance works.

Questions answered

The Twin Block is a functional removable appliance made by a skilled technician to encourage the growth of the lower jaw. Find out more about this appliance in our FAQs.


What is a Twin Block ?

A Twin Block is a powerful jaw aligning brace. Made of two blocks (hence the name twin), the upper and lower blocks can reduce an overjet in a young teenager for example from 10mm to the ideal standard of 4mm in six to nine months.


What is an overjet?

Your top teeth should be in front of your bottom teeth by 2-4mm. This is the ideal overjet.


When should I wear
my Twin Block?

The Twin Block works by harnessing the power of the chewing muscles so you should wear it all the time. However, if you find your jaw tiring, simply leave the brace out for a short period.


Can I eat whilst
the Twin Block?

The Twin Block is designed to allow you to eat with it in. If you find this too difficult at first, you can take it out for meals.


Will taking the 
Twin Block out to
eat and rest my jaw
delay my treatment?

Try to wear your Twin Block all the time. Taking it out to eat while you get used to it won’t harm your treatment and your bite will still improve, but treatment will be delayed.


How do I clean 
my teeth with a
Twin Block?

You can remove the Twin Block and clean your teeth as normal.


How do I clean my
Twin Block

You can clean your Twin Block with a toothbrush and toothpaste. It also needs to be cleaned with Retainer Brite solution four-to-five times a week.


Do I turn the
expansion screw
my Twin Block?

The upper block usually has an expansion screw fitted which you will need to turn. This should be turned in the direction of the arrow as directed by your orthodontist.


Can I play sports
if I have a Twin Block?

It is best to take the Twin Block out when playing sports. You can keep it safe by placing it in a brace box. Remember to put your name on your brace box.


Can I play
musical instruments 
with a Twin Block?

It is best to remove your Twin Block when playing wind instruments.


What happens if
my Twin Block breaks?

The plastic or the wire parts of the Twin Block can break. If you are still able to wear the appliance, please continue doing so. If the appliance is unwearable, call us as soon as possible to schedule an emergency appointment. Please bring both Twin Block appliances to the appointment.